Blockchain technology is going to change the way business is transacted. Many call it the next revolution and some think it is the final step of the Information Technology Revolution. Either way, its is estimated that it will be fully implemented in the next 3 to 5 years. Never heard of it? Now is the time to start learning about it and we are going to make it as simple as we can.

#1. Can’t get your head wrapped around Blockchain? (Read this article first!)

This is an outstanding article. In terms we can understand, Daniel Marlin explains Blockchain technology, how it works and why it is important. (10 minutes). Read the Full Story 

#2. Keeping it all straight- from miners, refiners, and wholesale traders, Blockchain solves what has been an issue for hundreds of years.

Now that you have an idea of how this new technology works, read why and how it is being used in the gold market. (7 minutes) Read the Full Story         

#3. 19 Industries Blockchain Could Disrupt

In 1913, Joseph Schumpeter coined the phrase, “Creative Destruction.” He basically stated, “When you create something new, you destroy something old.” We are now in the early stages of a new destructive technology- Blockchain. To get a glimpse of what industries are at risk, read this 5 minute article. 19 Industries Blockchain Could Disrupt  … Read More

#4. Blockchain as it Relates to Bitcoin

Now that you have learned about Blockchain and Bitcoin, reading this article will help put the two concepts together. Read Article (15 minutes)