Having a hard time understanding digital currencies? Start here to learn more.

#1. Who Created Bitcoin? No One Really Knows!

To learn more about Bitcoin’s beginning and its elusive creator, read this short article first. Read the full story

#2. Who created Bitcoin? Watch This Video.

After reading the first article, watch this 6 minute video to obtain a better understanding of Bitcoin and its creator and why he/she/they have vanished. 

#3. Now you know who created it- watch this video to see how it works.

I have previewed many articles and videos on Cryptocurrencies. I have found this one to be a good first primer of how they work. If  you are having a hard time getting your head wrapped around Bitcoin, watch this 5 minute video  next.

#4. Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Now that you have learned a little about Bitcoin, watch this 2-minute video from CNBC to learn why investing in it might be dangerous.