Program Topics

Different presentations with different perspectives: Before you decide which one speaks to your group, I will schedule a call to help you determine which one is the right one for your meeting. 

Some of my presentations like “What Happens Next” are designed for general populations, others like “Righting Your Book” are created for specific audiences, and still others are customized to align with the theme of your meeting. 

With all of them, however, I bring my wit and wisdom, creating the impact you are looking for in a keynote speaker.


Ever hire a keynote speaker based on their recognizable name (insert athlete’s name here) but the presenter failed to deliver? Happens all the time, doesn’t it?

Descriptions are great, testimonialseven betterbut nothing demonstrates a speaker’s ability better than seeing them for yourself.

Give me seven minutes of your time and I will show you why I have been delivering over a hundred speeches a year for more than 35 years… across the globe.

Just remember, you can hire a “name” that comes with a price, or you can hire a pro that comes with content.

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