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Mark’s Minute: The 7 Deadly Sins expressed as Apps

The 7 Deadly Sins

In light of the holiday season when we all tend to over indulge a bit I found this topic was irresistible.

Communication is key to getting and retaining clients and this topic could be the gateway to having an intriguing conversation with those of a younger generation who may not be familiar with the The Seven Deadly Sins.  Open the door to communication by taking this idea from the past and bridging it to the present. Thanks to CNN Money for this list.

The 7 Deadly Sins Expressed as Apps

Sloth – Netflix

Gluttony – Seamless

Vanity – Instagram

Wrath – Twitter

Greed – Amazon

Lust – Tinder

Pride – LinkedIn

I  also came across this article in The Atlantic that ran with the same idea, but this time expressed the sins  in Social Media Networks. Some of the sites are apps as well but I  really enjoyed the addition of the commentary and so here is yet another take on these infamous vices!

The Seven Deadly Sins as expressed in Social Networks :

Sloth was Zynga once, now sloth is Netflix.

Gluttony is Instagram. We hear sometimes of Tantalus, stuck in a pool below branches laden with fruit. His punishment was that the fruit always pulled away from his grasp, and the water always receded when he tried to drink. So it is with Instagram.

Vanity. If Facebook doesn’t represent pride, then, what is it? Vanity or Vainglory is an unrestrained belief in one’s own attractiveness, and a love of boastingThat’s Facebook.

Wrath, according to Dante, was a twin sin to sullenness. He wrote that wrath is rage expressed, sullenness is rage unexpressed. He condemned both the sullen and the wrathful to the Fifth Circle—where, in a foul marsh, the wrathful attacked each other unendingly, without ever winning; while the sullen sat beneath the murk and stewed and scowled and acted aloof. Rarely has there been a better description of Twitter.

Greed. According to Dante, the greedy and avaricious are condemned to joust with each other using enormous heavy boulders, forever. What’s more, they are rendered unrecognizable—each soul appears as the blandest, dullest version of itself. Sounds like LinkedIn.

Lust, of course, is Tinder. That’s easy. In Dante’s Inferno, a source of much seven-deadly-sin apocrypha, lustful souls are blown around forever like they’re stuck in a hurricane. Today they would be condemned to a similar cyclone—to swipe right forever but never get a match.

Pride is sometimes considered the sin from which all others flow: the belief that one is essentially better than all one’s neighbors. It is, I imagine, something like telling everyone else they’re bad at what they do and then saying “ping me.” Pride is Medium.

Remember, 5% of people remember stats and facts, but 65% remember stories. Facts tell- Stories sell!

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