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Advance Directives

All of these documents have been obtained from government sources. Please be aware that laws vary substantially from state to state. Some states, for instance, do not recognize living wills; others require 3+ witnesses that meet a particular legal standard. While we do our best to ensure that they are accurate and updated, we do not guarantee the accuracy or legality of these documents. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are filled out in accordance with state and/or federal law. As always, we highly recommend you employ legal counsel when completing any legal documents.

HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form: A healthcare professional is prohibited from handing over sensitive information about a patient over the age of 18, even to his or her parents. This release form will help smooth the way during a medical emergency.   Click here for the HIPAA form.

Aging Facilitation Form: Use this generic form to ask your clients for guidance on how to assist them if they begin to show signs of cognitive decline. Simply insert your company logo and name where indicated. Download Aging Facilitation Guidance Document (.doc)

State-By-State Advance Directives: This link takes you to the page on  AARP’s website that has each state’s directives listed. Simply click on the state you are looking for and download the forms. AARP Advance Directives.

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