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Talking Points: August 2, 2021

In the United States last year, renewables became the second-most prevalent energy source, second only to natural gas. Accounting for 21% of all electricity generation, renewables topped both nuclear and coal for the first time. Morning Brew, July 28, 2021

Apple’s profits from the past three months ($21.7 billion) was nearly double the combined annual profits of the five largest U.S. airlines in pre-pandemic 2019. New York Times, July 29, 2021

According to a new study, 45% of remote employees work regularly from a couch, 38% from their bed, 20% work outdoors, and 19% in a closet. Axios, July 29, 2021

New data shows that investor-driven purchases accounted for 5.7% of homes sold in April and are reducing inventory in 31 of the top 50 U.S. markets. Axios, July 29, 2021

A would-be homebuyer in Bethesda, MD, pledged to name her first-born child after the seller in a written offer. She lost. Morning Brew, July 29, 2021

Fifty-two percent of Wharton’s incoming MBA class is female, the first time a Top 7 business school has admitted more women than men. The Wall Street Journal, July 28, 2021

While sitting on the porch with her husband, a woman was sipping on a glass of wine, and she says, “I love you so much, I don’t know how I could ever live without you.” Her husband asks, “Is that you talking or the wine talking?” She replied, “It’s me…talking to the wine.”

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