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Talking Points: College, Elections, Fees

College, Elections, Fees

Students entering college this year could pay more than $190,000 for a bachelor’s degree. CNN, May 21, 2018

There have only been two years in the midterm election years where the market has been up in April, May, June, and July and it was 1954 and 1958. Each one of those times, the market rallied sharply into year-end. CNBC, July 31, 2018

One of Europe’s oldest currencies, the ruble has been in use since the 13th century. The currency derives its namesake from the Russian word ‘rubit’ which means to hack.

This is hardly the first time a country has tried to influence the outcome of another country’s election. The U.S. has done it, too, by one expert’s count, more than 80 times worldwide between 1946 and 2000. NY Times, February 17, 2018

There are roughly 157,000 people who have saved at least $1 million in their 401(k) with Fidelity and there are another 148,000 people who have saved $1 million or more in a Fidelity IRA. That is only 1% of Fidelity’s total retirement-plan participants. MarketWatch, July 29, 2018

Americans paid over $104 billion in credit-card interest and fees in 2017, up 11% on the year and 35% over the last five years. MarketWatch, July 28, 2018

More than 90% of login tries at online stores are from criminals, fewer than 10% from real customers. Hackers are also responsible for 60% of login traffic at banks and airlines., July 18, 2018

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