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Talking Points: Jobs, Employment, Pets

Jobs, Employment, Pets

In the 12-state region that makes up the Midwest, available jobs outnumber out-of-work job seekers. If every unemployed person in the region were hired today, there would still be 180,000 unfilled positions. The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2018

The portion of Americans over the age of 65 who were employed, full-time or part-time, climbed steadily from 12.8% in 2000 to 18.8% in 2016. More than half in 2016 were working full time.The Week, April 13, 2018

Next year, 20-to-35-year-olds are poised to overtake 52-to-70-year-olds as a higher percentage of the U.S. population. Pew Research Center

Workers from the “greatest” generation, those 72 and older, were 79% white- boomers are 72% white, while whites make up just 56% of millennials. Knowledge at Wharton, April 17, 2018

If America’s dogs and cats had their own country, their meat consumption would rank fifth in the world. Marketwatch, August 4, 2017

In the fiscal year ending Sept 30, 2017, due to budget cuts and staff reductions, the IRS audited just 1 in 160 individual returns- down from 1 in 90 in 2011. Households making $1 million or more were scrutinized 4.37% of the time, down from 12.48% in 2011. The New York Post, March 29, 2018  

Twenty-six New York City firefighters who were caught with a failed drug test since 2016 were reinstated in the past month, signaling an end to a zero tolerance policy. I’m telling you, “I smoked weed to familiarize myself with the true enemy: fire,” is now a valid excuse. Five-Thirty-Eight, Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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