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Talking Points: June 6, 2022

In 2021, the House Energy and Commerce Committee estimated that CO2 emissions from digital mining for bitcoin and Ethereum were equivalent to the tailpipe emissions from more than 15.5 million gasoline-powered cars on the road every year. Other estimates put this figure much higher. Axios, Jan 19, 2022

Despite spanning five geographical time zones, China follows a single standard time across the country. So if you were to cross into Afghanistan from Western China through the Wakhjir Pass, you’d be going 3.5 hours back in time in a matter of seconds. It’s the sharpest time change of any international border. Morning Brew, May 28, 2022

New home sales plunged in April, falling 16.6% from March. New home sales, which make up more than 10% of all U.S. home sales, are tracked when contracts are signed while existing home sales are tracked when contracts close. That makes new-home sales a leading indicator of where the market is headed. Bloomberg, May 24, 2022

The average four-year-old child laughs 300 times a day. By contrast, it takes more than two months for the average 40-year-old adult to laugh that many times. Hidden Brain Podcast

In its first week of release, Harry Styles’ new album Harry’s House made an estimated $7.26 million in sales in the United States, but the really fascinating thing is how it made it. According to Billboard, $4.49 million was from 182,000 vinyl record sales, which is the highest weekly volume of records sold since modern-era sales tracking began in 1991. Pitchfork, May 31, 2022

On a typical day in the United States, more people ride on New York City’s subway than fly in airplanes. Morning Brew, May 28, 2022

“Time heals all wounds, right up to the moment it kills you.” Herbie Cohen

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