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Mark Zinder

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Talking Points: May 23, 2022

“The Davos World Economic Forum: Where Billionaires, tell Millionaires how the middle class feels.” Jamie Dimon

The number of people receiving unemployment benefits fell in early May to the lowest level since December 1969. The Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2022

The world’s richest 500 people have lost more than $1 trillion in net worth this year. Morning Brew, May 12, 2022

“Let me be surrounded by luxury; I can do without the rest.” Oscar Wilde

California anticipates a budget surplus of $97.5 billion, a record for California or any other state. The surplus is bigger than the entire 2020 spending of every state except New York and Texas and was driven by taxes on capital gains, which reached their highest share of tax collections since 1999, before the dot-com crash. Bloomberg, May 13, 2022

There is so much artificial light in the United States that after the 1994 Northbridge earthquake knocked out power, some concerned residents of Los Angeles called the police to report a “giant, silvery cloud” in the sky above them. What they were really seeing — for their first time — was the Milky Way. Florida Atlantic University

“When a bear market is over, the initial uptick is met with disbelief, not acceptance.” Mark Zinder

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