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Talking Points: Midterms, Top 1%, Holiday Sales

Midterms, Top 1%, Holiday Sales

History shows that the midterm elections act as a launching pad for stocks. The S&P 500 has been higher each year after every midterm election since World War II- a perfect 18 for 18. USA Today, November 8, 2018

To be in the top 1% worldwide, you need a net worth of $871,320 in U.S. dollars. To be among the top 10%, a net worth of $93,170 will do it. If you just have $4,210 to your name, you are still richer than half of the world’s residents. Credit Suisse 2018 Global Wealth Report

It is expected that this year will be the first trillion-dollar holiday season, with a total projection of $1.002 trillion in retail sales between Nov 1 and Dec 31, 2018. Quartz, November 6, 2018

According to the Pew Research Center, older people are worse than younger people at distinguishing facts from opinion. Given five facts and five opinions- 34% of 18 to 29-year-olds identified all five facts correctly and 46% identified all five opinions. The numbers for those 65 and older were 17% and 21% respectively. The Pew Research Center, October 23, 2018 

A new study of 135 popular children’s apps found that 95% contained some form of advertising- including 100% of the apps that are free. MarketWatch, October 30, 2018

Cable and satellite TV providers lost about 1.1 million subscribers in the third quarter of 2018, the largest quarterly loss ever- and the first time the industry lost more than 1 million subscribers in a quarter. Today, 78% of U.S. TV households subscribe to some form of Pay-TV service, down from 86% in 2013. USA Today, November 7, 2018

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” Karl Lagerfeld

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