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Talking Points: November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020

Even in the face of the pandemic, financially, most Americans are doing surprisingly well. Americans’ disposable income was $15.7 trillion per year in September, up significantly from its pre-crisis level. Average earnings are $29.50 per hour, up from $28.69 in March, and with credit card balances plunging Americans have managed to save 14.3% of their income in September, roughly twice the pre-crisis savings rate. Axios, November 21, 2020

While humans are shunning flights amid the pandemic, animals are becoming the airline industry’s most reliable frequent fliers. For example, Qatar Airways transports roughly 10 horses and 500 farm animals every day. However, animals can be tricky customers. A planned trip to Johannesburg had to be cancelled after some young giraffes grew too tall for their 10-foot-high crates. The Week, November 20, 2020

Voters who back a losing presidential candidate can experience as much as a 30% temporary reduction in all-around life satisfaction following the election. That’s a larger drop in happiness than Boston residents experienced following the Boston Marathon bombing. The Atlantic, November 5, 2020

“Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.” Steven Wright

In a typical year, 3.6 million eviction cases are filed. However, if present conditions persist and there is not a new round of federal relief, as many as 40 million people could be at risk of eviction in the coming months. Reuters, October 31, 2020

Since May, because of either the pandemic or a desire to save money, the publication International Living stated it has seen a 1,600% increase in search traffic around the phrase “Move out of the U.S.” ThinkAdvisor, October 8, 2020

“Football combines two of the worst things in American life. Violence punctuated by committee meetings.” George Will

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