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Talking Points: November 25, 2019

November 25, 2019

Going back to 1928, there have been 17 occasions when the S&P 500 has scored an annual gain of at least 25%, and 71% of the time, the S&P 500 is positive in the following year with an average gain of 7%. CNBC, November 18, 2019

Berkshire Hathaway has a net income of $52 billion this year, making it the most profitable public company in the world. Bloomberg, November 2, 2019

“The one who adapts his policy to the times, prospers.” Niccolò Machiavelli, 1469-1527

So far, American taxpayers have spent $6.4 trillion on costs related to and caused by post-9/11 wars and conflicts. Axios, November 20, 2019

The median age of first-time homebuyers jumped to 33, the oldest since since the National Association of realtors began keeping records in 1981. Meanwhile, the median age of all homebuyers rose to 47, up from 31 in 1981. Professional Builder, November 11, 2019

On average, heavy drinking (three-plus instances of binge drinking per month) jumped 9% within a couple of years following Uber’s arrival in a new market. In cities without public transportation, instances of binge drinking shot up around 20%. Morning Brew, November 20, 2019

“I have learned that when a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with the experience ends up with the money and the man with the money ends up with the experience.” William Knudsen

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