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Talking Points: November 9, 2020

November 9, 2020

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

In reaction to the plunge in stocks in mid-March, 42% of investors sold at least one stock while 24% sold all of their holdings. 69% of those who sold stock at the beginning of the pandemic greatly regretted it while 19% said they were somewhat regretful. CNBC, January 15, 2020

In a recent survey, people in the U.S. were asked where they turn for financial advice. Just under 40% said they turned to parents, family, friends, or coworkers; 35.9% said financial professionals, and 24.4% said they don’t have anyone trusted to turn to. National Financial Educators Council

“History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided.” Konrad Adenauer

From March to September of this year, Americans spent 60 million fewer hours commuting to work than before. An estimated 35.3% of the time previously used to commute went to working more on their primary job, something like 22 million hours. The Wall Street Journal, October 30, 2020

Cash register receipts represent less than 1% of paper used in the U.S., however, it is estimated that 3 million trees and nearly 9 billion gallons of water are used to make receipts every year in the U.S., and the process emits as much greenhouse gas as 400,000 cars. The average receipt at CVS is 2.5 feet long. Green America

“A secret is something you can only tell one person. . . at a time.” Allen Ginsberg

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