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Talking Points: Politics, Polls, Fake Ad

Talking Points: Politics, Polls, Fake Ad

“In politics, the short term is crystal clear and the long term is murky; in the stock market, the short term is murky but the long term is crystal clear.” David Gergen

A new poll found that nearly a third of voters do not know the names of their party’s candidate for Congress this November., October 3, 2018

New research suggests that dogs crave eye contact and become depressed and anxious when their owners spend too much time staring at smartphones., September 18, 2018

About one-third of the people who were exposed to a fake print ad that described a visit to Disneyland and how they met and shook hands with Bugs Bunny later said they remembered or knew the event happened to them. The scenario described in the ad never occurred because Bugs Bunny is a Warner Bros. cartoon character and wouldn’t be featured in any Walt Disney property. The frightening thing about this study is that it suggests how easily a false memory can be created. University of Washington, June 11, 2001

“Bad is never good until worse happens.” Danish proverb

The nation of Venezuela is headed towards an economic collapse, with inflation of 233% in September and a daily inflation of 4%. A member of Venezuela’s opposition-run congress reported that consumer prices rose 488,865% in the 12 months ending in September. The International Monetary Fund estimates that consumer prices in Venezuela will rise 1,000,000% in 2018. Reuters, October 8, 2018

If you purchase a lottery ticket on Monday for a jackpot that is being held on Wednesday, you are 100 times more likely to die before the drawing is held than win the jackpot. The Law of Large Numbers

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