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Talking Points: Self-Storage, Millennials, Private Equity

Self-Storage, Millennials, Private Equity

The U.S. has more than 50,000 self-storage facilities with roughly 2.3 billion square feet of rentable space. In other words, the volume of self-storage units in the country could fill Grand Central Station with old clothing, skis, and keepsakes more than 11 times. Curbed, March 27, 2018

According to a Harris Poll, 71% of millennial workers are saving for retirement. Fully 39% are defined as “super-savers” – they’re saving more than 10% of their salary and about one in six have saved $100,000 or more. MSN, March 20, 2018

Private equity firms are currently sitting on more than $1 trillion in uninvested capital. Seeking Alpha, March 23, 2018

Tesla, the single largest lithium consumer on Earth, will use up the entire world’s supply of battery-grade lithium when it hits annual production of 500,000 Model 3’s later in 2018. Yahoo Finance, March 17, 2018

Tesla Motors will use up the entire world’s supply of battery-grade lithium when it hits annual production of 500K Model 3s in its Nevada Gigafactory later in 2018.

“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.” Katie Zabriske

The cost of solar power and wind energy plummeted by more than 25% in 2017. International Renewable Energy Agency, 2018

In South Carolina, a spelling error in a proposed “sagging pants” law could force men and boys to wear high-wasted “mom jeans.” The bill levies fines on anyone whose pants hang more than 3 inches below the crest of his ileum,” which is the stomach region, it is assumed they meant the ilium, which is the hip bone., February 23, 2018

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