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Talking Points: September 28, 2020

September 28, 2020

“Every word matters. Don’t make the simple complicated, make the complicated as simple as it can be. You’re not finished when you can’t think of anything more to add to your document; you’re finished when you can’t think of anything more that you can remove from it.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In August, it only took 22 days to sell a home in America, matching the fastest rate on record. CNBC, September 22, 2020

If everyone else in the world became the size of Americans, it would be equivalent to adding one billion people to the world’s population. The Body A Guide For Occupants by Bill Bryson

Since 1972, the stock market has rallied from Election Day (or shortly thereafter) until the end of the year on 10 of 12 past such occasions, with an average gain of 7.2%. MarketWatch, August 18, 2020

Collectively, more than 676,000 workers with 401(k) accounts – or 1.15% of total 401(k) participants – have seen their employers halt matching contributions this year. Barron’s, August 31, 2020

Age 62 is the most popular age to claim Social Security, with nearly 40% of men and nearly 35% of women claiming benefits as soon as possible. A study estimates that today’s older Americans will lose a total of $3.4 trillion in potential income because of early claiming, with an average lifetime loss of $95,000 per household. Investment News, September 4, 2020

In 1903 Edward Hale became the United States Senate chaplain. At one point he was asked, “Do you pray for the senators, Dr. Hale?” He replied, “No, I look at the senators and I pray for the country.”

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