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Talking Points: Stock Market, The Fed, Erroneous Missile Warning

Talking Points for Engaging Conversations

The average bull market “correction” is 13% over four months and takes just four months to recover. Investopedia, January30, 2018

The Federal Reserve turned over $80.2 billion to the Treasury in 2017. MarketWatch, January 10, 2018

Hawaii’s governor confessed he was unable to correct the state’s erroneous warning of an imminent missile attack for 17 minutes because he had forgotten his Twitter password., January 23, 2018

A recent survey of Americans says for a person to be considered wealthy, they must have an average of $2.4 million, or about 30 times more than the approximate $80,000 net worth of the average U.S. household. According to the Spectrem Group, only about 10% of Americans are worth $1 million or more. Charles Schwab, Jan 24, 2018


“If you want to avoid criticism, it’s better to be good than it is to be great.” Chuck Klosterman

In 2017, murders fell in America’s largest cities, and the two biggest, New York and Los Angeles, are at or near the lowest levels of deadly violence in their modern histories. Marketwatch, January 5, 2018

Falls” are the #1 cause of injuries to seniors in the United States. Nearly three times as many people die from falls (some 32,000 a year) than are killed by guns. The New York Times, January 8, 2018

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