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The Tom Brady Factor

Just in time for the Super Bowl

In my presentation, “Secrets of the Temple” I speak about data mining. If you love this stuff as much as I do you will love this stat. We are all aware of how the Super Bowl has, with some accuracy, predicted that year’s market performance. A New England loss would, based on the theory, predict a favorable outcome for the S&P. However, consider this: since Tom Brady began his professional football career in 2000, the market is up 100%. Remove the weeks he didn’t play and just focus on the ones that he did and correlate it with the stock market…and the S&P is up a whopping 425%! Going into next week’s game, we should hope that Tom Brady plays, but doesn’t win!

Learn more from When Tom Brady is doing well, the market is up. When Brady is down, the market is down


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

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