Custom Writing and Training

Custom Writing

Have you ever hired a wholesaler trainer who has never “carried the bag”? With today’s strict rules, our sales presentations have become even more stale (if that is even possible). Who is writing your material today? Someone from marketing department (a person that has never sold anything in their life) or, is it the team of sales managers that have cobbled together something that they once used back in 1997 when they were in the field? Not quite getting the job done? Clients and prospects not letting you in their offices because you bring nothing new to the table.

I have a genius idea – employ me to write it for you! I’ll create your new presentation around your value proposition, including the appropriate number of stories and humor that will get your prospects and clients hanging on to your every word vs. looking at their watches, wondering, “how much longer will this go on?” Working from your template, I will create the PowerPoint, a “yellow-pad” presentation- for the delivery of one-on-one presentations, training videos and even an on-line learning program which is trackable by the sales manager. And get this, if you need me to come to your meeting and deliver the new presentation while teaching delivery techniques so they won’t “fall flat” when presenting in front of the next meeting- I can do that too! And wait, there’s more- I’ll even work with your compliance department so you won’t have to!

How much is it you might be wondering? That depends on what you want and when you want it. The only way to get the process started is for you to start the process.

Custom Training

I was a successful wholesaler. I get it and I can show them how it’s done.

  • Do you want them to double their sales? I’ve done it, and I’ve shown others how to do it as well.
  • Do you want them to stand out?
  • Do you want the advisor to ask them for their recommendation? I will show them how.
  • Do you want them to work with their internal as a partner versus an associate?
  • Follow my suggestions and going forward, their problem won’t be getting into offices but getting out!

I work with no more than a handful of wholesalers every quarter and I make sure I deliver what I promise. They will have unlimited access to me for 3 months after our initial training day and as-needed assistance into perpetuity. The process requires a lot of dedication.
Like learning a magic trick, the secret is simple, but it takes commitment and practice to perfect.

I once read that there are roughly 7000 financial wholesalers. You may ask – what makes me stand out from the crowd?

Call me and I will teach you the secret.

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