Thank you for hosting Mark Zinder at the Due Diligence meeting here in Denver.  I found his presentation exciting, insightful, and encouraging. 

Shortly after hearing his presentation I went onto his website and purchased one of the “In Case of Emergency” keys.  I then shortly after, had a meeting with clients with whom I managed a fraction of their portfolio.  I didn’t need to or want to talk to them about their accounts.  Instead, I mentioned how I would really like to get both of them one of these keys because I cared about their well-being and knew they were getting to the age where going to the Dr. was becoming more frequent. 

After explaining the keys the wife went on and on about how helpful it would be to keep track of her prescriptions. The interesting part was when Jon, the husband who has always been standoffish about the money, got up and left the room as Vicki and I continued to talk about the “ICE” key.  Shortly thereafter Jon returned and asked my company to do a review of his portfolio. 

Just this week we turned their account from a small $50,000 managed account to a $1,100,000 managed account with another $300,000 on the way once Jon fully retires!

In another example I talked about Mark’s entire process; the key and the fireproof safe, with some of my larger clients.  They are not rolling over any additional assets at this time but they are referring me to one of their friends with a $2,000,000 portfolio looking to move it away from Charles Schwab!

Thanks again!  

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