Mark Zinder at the Watergate Hotel
Mark Zinder

Mark Zinder

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Mark’s Minute: The World Class Watergate Hotel

What do G. Gordon Libby and I have in common?

We both have spoken at the Watergate hotel…he, more in a whisper, than me!  

I had a great time speaking to over 100 financial advisors at the Watergate hotel on Oct 24th. I’ll speak over 80 times in different locales this year, but this one was the most intriguing…you know, because there aren’t many hotels more infamous than The Watergate.

Even though the outside plaque states that this hotel is on the Historic Landmark registry, from the outside, it looks kind of “tired.” On the inside, it is world class. Great venue for a great meeting! For those of us in the financial industry, faced with new rules and regulations, it was interesting to see that this hotel, once notorious for things “unfair” has done an outstanding job in re-inventing itself.

They have taken a negative and turned it into a positive!

There was one point I needed to call the front desk, and while waiting on hold, I was not subject to the typical music that usually accompanies the “hold” experience, but rather their audio loop was that of Richard Nixon himself. How great that they have taken a negative and turned it into a positive! I think there might be a lesson in there for all of us.

The Citi Bank advisors were a great audience, laughing at all my jokes. BTW, if you have seen me speak, you know I use a lot of humor in my presentation, because I learned in communication classes years ago that people retain six times more information if they are laughing while they are learning!

While I was speaking, I did notice there was a video camera taping in the back of the room. I just want to go on the record as saying, “Just like Richard Nixon, “I am not responsible for any “blank spots” on that tape!”

I know that the next time I speak in D.C., I plan to return to this world-class hotel!

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